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Are you considering joining an agency? Here is some top tips!

Are you considering joining an agency as locum staff? Unsure if becoming an agency worker is the right path for you? As you may be aware Hollilander Recruitment and Agency Staffing Solutions has their own agency/locum division, there are many benefits to becoming an agency staff member and we have compiled below them for your … Read more

Moving to Ireland to become a Nurse

So if you are thinking of relocating to Ireland to work in our healthcare sector, we have compiled some pointers for you to be aware of.  We may be biassed but we think nursing is one of the best career options that allows you to travel and work anywhere in the globe! Amazingly, a large … Read more

Nursing Homes – Why They Matter!

Nursing homes across Ireland provide outstanding care and support for seniors. These facilities have a duty to provide a high level of care – a level that is determined by numerous regulations and professional standards If you have or have ever had a loved one residing in a nursing home, or if you know someone … Read more

Managing Mental Health

  Did you know that May is designated as the world’s month of mental health awareness? We at Hollilander Recruitment recognise how vital it is to stop and recognise the effect of mental health and what we can do to maintain, manage and improve it. Although talking about our mental health has become more important … Read more

Celebrating National Nurses Week!

National Nurses Week honours their efforts and sacrifices and serves as a reminder to give thanks to the medical staff who maintain our physical and mental health. Between May 6, National Nurses Day, and May 12, the famed nurse Florence Nightingale’s birthday, it is observed. Hollilander Recruitment are very excited to celebrate National Nurses Week. … Read more

Patient Experience Week 2023

It’s Patient Experience Week! But what is Patient Experience Week you might ask?   An annual celebration of how healthcare professionals affect a patient’s experience on a daily basis is called Patient Experience Week. Patient Experience Week focuses on nurses, healthcare assistants, doctors, support personnel, executive professionals, patients, families, and communities served within the healthcare sector, … Read more

An introduction to the healthcare sector in Ireland

  In our previous blog post we spoke about the decision of moving to Ireland and just what one could expect from this move. Naturally everyone has their own reasons for moving however one thing for sure is that there is a huge increase in people from all around the world moving to Ireland for … Read more

Are you considering moving to Ireland?

Are you considering moving to Ireland?  You’ve made the decision to relocate to Ireland. We may be a little biased, but we don’t believe you’ll regret your choice. You’re relocating to a place with a dynamic metropolitan culture, breath taking natural beauty, and a cost of living on par with anywhere in the globe. We … Read more

Patient Safety Awareness Week

What is Patient Safety Awareness Week?  Patient Safety Awareness Week takes place in March every year! This year it is being recognised from the 12th to the 18th of March. The purpose of Patient Safety Awareness Week is to promote healthcare safety education. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that hospitals in industrialised and developing … Read more

IELTS/OET – What is the difference and why do you need them?

Have you been requested to provide us with an IELTS or OET?   The Occupational English Test and International Language Testing System, also known as OET and IELT, are both internationally recognised English language examinations taken in order to gain insight on the proficiency of each individual candidate. These examinations are required in order to both … Read more