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Are you considering joining an agency? Here is some top tips!

Are you considering joining an agency as locum staff? Unsure if becoming an agency worker is the right path for you? As you may be aware Hollilander Recruitment and Agency Staffing Solutions has their own agency/locum division, there are many benefits to becoming an agency staff member and we have compiled below them for your information. 

A healthy work/life balance 

Working for an agency can give you the benefit of choosing when and where you want to work. It lets you schedule holidays, see friends and family, and enjoy life’s little pleasures, among other things. You have complete control over your work-life balance, which is especially wonderful if you’re a busy nurse or healthcare assistant! We at Hollilander promote the benefits of maintaining a healthy work/life balance and encourage those who amongst us and with us to strive to maintain this. 

Diverse experience 

Working as locum staff  will provide you with plenty of experience across multiple wards, hospitals, environments, working with various patients, and interacting with new co-workers. This allows you to experience a unique workday each day. Working in such a variety of environments is tremendously advantageous since it gives you fresh knowledge, skills, and insights into various areas within this sector. We all know knowledge is power, so why not brush up on yours! 

Totally flexible! 

You can choose when and where to work with agency nursing! Free on particular dates or on the weekend? You may opt to work a few extra shifts! We can schedule you to return to a location or establishment if you are enjoying it. You have the entire authority to nominate yourself for any shifts that catch your eye. We recognise that circumstances may change, and we may help by allocating shifts in a way that meets your needs. 

Working within an agency is popular for the following reasons:

  • Employed parents. It enables parents to accommodate childcare obligations while lowering childcare costs. 
  • Those who are responsible for caring for their own families. Even though they may have trouble with set hours, they nevertheless want to continue their careers. 
  • People who need to take time off in order to cover unanticipated emergencies at home or attend special events. 
  • For those who enjoy travelling without scheduling time off months in advance of their upcoming holiday or weekend getaway, it provides wonderful possibilities. It allows nurses the option to work less hours during times when they are less available and work more when they wish to increase their income to save money. 
  • Former nurses. Agency work is frequently a fantastic opportunity for nurses who want to keep working after retirement to stay current and make a living. 
  • Nurses who want to stay off on weekends and holidays. You won’t have to miss out on weekend or holiday gatherings with friends and family if you work as an agency

nurse. On the other hand, you also have the choice to work a weekend shift with a higher pay rate and take some time off during the week. 

Tips on being successful in agency nursing 

Despite the flexibility and rewards of agency nursing, you regularly need to work in new settings, necessitating the acquisition of new co-worker and patient identities. You frequently need to adapt rapidly to new working infrastructures and systems, and you need to know where key equipment is maintained. 

  • Be there early. This provides you the chance to familiarise yourself with the building’s layout, learn where the restrooms, storage areas, and staff rooms are, and memorise them. Most importantly it allows a good amount of time for a proper handover before you start your shift. You’ll save time later if you early. 
  • Get prepared. Have your ID badge close to hand so that you may feel organised as the day begins. Have a pen and paper nearby so you can jot down ideas. 
  • Ensure that is fully charged or a pager. Obtain the phone numbers of anyone you might need to reach while on duty. Certain tasks must be completed in pairs, and it can be challenging to locate co- workers when you need them. Having a phone number can instantly alert individuals when you need assistance. 
  • Bring a lot of water and snacks. As nursing is a physically demanding profession, it’s important to stay hydrated and eat well to maintain your energy levels. Despite not being your initial inquiry, find out when your breaks are scheduled. Inform your supervisor if you don’t receive one. 
  • Request an introduction. This is crucial because you’ll need to get acquainted with the workplace and get an opportunity to learn about the rules and regulations. Additionally, you must define your obligations and roles while working there. 
  • Pay close attention during handover. Make sure you pay close attention and have lots of questions for the staff members you are replacing so that you don’t miss any critical information. Note critical facts in writing. 
  • Ask questions. Even though your co-workers seem stressed and you don’t want to bother them, you must gather all the information required to do your duties safely and competently. People anticipate agency nurses to ask questions since patient care is their top priority. 

Entering unfamiliar situations might be intimidating, but it’s vital to keep in mind that doing so is a terrific opportunity to meet new people and can enrich your life in a variety of ways. 

If you have questions about joining our agency team please feel free to contact us via email on