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Moving to Ireland to become a Nurse

So if you are thinking of relocating to Ireland to work in our healthcare sector, we have compiled some pointers for you to be aware of. 

We may be biassed but we think nursing is one of the best career options that allows you to travel and work anywhere in the globe! Amazingly, a large percentage of nurses decide to migrate or temporarily move in order to maintain their careers. If you’re thinking about moving or immigrating, let us emphasise the benefits of selecting Ireland over other European nations. 

Naturally it is important to feel a sense of belonging and comfort when it comes to the culture of the country you are migrating to. You’d be happy to know that Ireland is known internationally for being one of the most hospitable and friendly countries in the world, which is always comforting to know. Ireland consists of lush green countryside, refreshing coastal lines and plenty of local hospitality. Ireland offers many outdoor activities and has dozens of museums to showcase our many artefacts found throughout the years. 

Ireland provides fantastic opportunities for those who work within the healthcare sector, with the wage Irish nurses receive being some of the highest in Europe. Depending on the number of years of experience, nurses in Ireland can make up to and over €50,000. There are even more opportunities for those who specialise in a particular area. This however excludes any premium rates that are provided for working on both the weekends, nights and on public holidays. As each additional year of experience goes by, we see an increase in the Irish Nurse and Midwife Organisations nursing compensation scale increases. With more experience, qualifications and management experience there is a possibility of making up €60,000. Another factor to take into account is job stability. The need for healthcare services and experts in Ireland will only grow over the coming years due to the country’s ageing population.

It is noteworthy to add that you are capable of applying to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland for automatic recognition of nursing qualifications and credentials in Ireland if your education and training in the EU. At the moment, the process can take up to an average of 12 weeks. To ensure that you have a contract of employment once your degree has been accepted and you have your NMBI pin number to practise nursing in Ireland, you can actively apply for jobs while the process is ongoing.

We understand that work/life balance is incredibly important in order to lead a happy and healthy life. This is why it isn’t uncommon that the majority of contracts of employment in Ireland would have a typical working week of 39 hours, depending on the type of role or facility you intend to apply for or work for. Most businesses would categorise this as follows. 12–13 hour shifts three days a week, or 7.5 hour shifts five days a week.

Speaking of work/life balance Ireland currently has 10 public holidays which allows for workers to rest and recharge their batteries.While 20 days is currently the allowance of holiday leave in Ireland, we often see that some employers in the healthcare sector can offer up to 25 days of paid vacation, with the number rising with duration of service. For instance, starting with the sixth working year after five years of employment, you can receive an additional five days of vacation pay.

Despite the fact that you will be working in the Irish healthcare system, it is still crucial to research the healthcare infrastructure of the country you choose to relocate to in case you get sick or need medical care. From time to time we see that particular employers offer positions currently including fully paid private health insurance, which is a large perk to take into account when applying for a new position. Other common perks we see can be free meals and bike to work scheme. 

Here at Hollilander Recruitment we can offer assistance throughout this process, leading a helping hand in making decisions that can be difficult to make. If you require assistance with your employment process or have any questions please contact us at