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Patient Experience Week 2023

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It’s Patient Experience Week! But what is Patient Experience Week you might ask?  

An annual celebration of how healthcare professionals affect a patient’s experience on a daily basis is called Patient Experience Week. Patient Experience Week focuses on nurses, healthcare assistants, doctors, support personnel, executive professionals, patients, families, and communities served within the healthcare sector, with it being celebrated every April. Patient Experience Week was created in order to offer organisations a concentrated period of time to recognise achievements, refocus efforts, and pay tribute to those who positively affect a patient’s life on a daily basis. 

We think it is crucial to acknowledge Patient Experience Week because it enables us to show our hardworking employees and recruited candidates—as well as the thousands employed by healthcare facilities across the nation—how much we value and appreciate what they do for their patients and our country.

We recognise that the patient experience is made more human by nurses and healthcare assistants. That you can make your patient feel more like a person and less like an anonymous statistic. It involves more than just “holding hands.” The satisfaction, trust, and experience of a patient can be drastically changed by patient care alone! 

We also recognise that the distance that exists between patients and medical facilities is filled by nurses and health care assistants. As a nurse or healthcare assistant, you can assist your patients to feel at ease discussing their opinions and needs by establishing open lines of communication. Most importantly, you may support positive short- and long-term results by educating patients and their families to better understand their situation. 

It is important to remember the life lasting effects of good quality care and positive communication when a patient attends a facility, this can alter their perception of healthcare which can leave patients having either a healthy or an unhealthy attitude towards looking after their health, and could even alter their decision to return or not.

Coinciding with Patient Experience Week it is also World Day of Health and Safety at Work Day on the 28th of April. It is crucial for you and your team, as well as for the patients and their families, to give them the chance to receive care in a setting that prioritises health and safety. Each and every one of us are responsible for our actions both in and out of the workplace, our actions could very well have consequences. It is important to remain vigilant throughout your shift in order to provide safe surroundings for everyone involved. Being diligent can only naturally result in a beneficial experience from people receiving treatment.

You’re not required to do it alone. In addition to making your job easier, working and collaborating with other nurses or healthcare workers can enhance the experience for your patients. 

Don’t be scared to ask questions or request assistance when you need it throughout your nursing job assignment. To ensure a great experience for your patient, your team, and your supervisors, communicate with them daily!