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An introduction to the healthcare sector in Ireland

Healthcare in Ireland - a guide to the Irish healthcare system


In our previous blog post we spoke about the decision of moving to Ireland and just what one could expect from this move. Naturally everyone has their own reasons for moving however one thing for sure is that there is a huge increase in people from all around the world moving to Ireland for the purpose of becoming a nurse within our healthcare system. We understand that it is different in every country, so we’ve compiled a range of varied information to help answer any questions you may have. However, if there is something you still require answered and do not get clarification from any information provided please note that you can contact us for further information. 

In the Irish healthcare sector there are both the option of public and private. The public healthcare system in Ireland is run by the Health Service Executive also known as the HSE. The majority of nurses would first begin working for the HSE through agency roles, in which they are hired by the HSE through recruitment agencies such as our own. There are a number of different private hospitals which run in Ireland. 

Within the Irish healthcare system there are a range of different settings that are divided for the purpose of maintaining organizational structure. This means that there is a large selection of roles available and required to be filled. These roles can vary and include positions such as Staff Nurse, Inpatient Nurse, Theatre Nurse, Healthcare Assistant (HCA), Medical Surgical and so on. 

The different settings within the Irish healthcare sector are as follows. The hospitals within Ireland are divided into both private and public institutions, with the majority of public hospitals treating a variety of diseases and a selection of them specializing in certain types of care. With a few exceptions, most private hospitals would also provide all of the same services as a public hospital. For example, accident and emergency departments are typically more appointment- and referral-based. 

It is important to note that there are also a range of different facilities available that are within the clinical setting, these include day care clinics, urgent care facilities and specialities such as ear and eye, hospice facilities and rehabilitation facilities. 

Ireland has a sizable population that is rapidly growing aged population. This results in our system being largely dependent on both geriatric and dementia care provided by both care facilities and nursing homes around the country. There are notable amounts of nursing homes around the country to facilitate the needs of our nation. 

Last but not least Ireland has a large range of community nurses, where treatment is provided to patients in their own homes. This can include a range of different factors both medical and hospitable. Nurses can assist in a manner of different ways from providing the upkeep of the household and preparation of meals, to complex care such as management of diabetes or monitoring of medication consumption to wound treatment. 

Nurses within the Irish healthcare sector are considered to be some of the best trained nurses in the industry. Many employers are willing to upskill and fund the development of their employees skills, with it being incredibly common that employers induct their new hires with a training plan for the purpose of setting out the standards expected from them at the get go. It is also good to note that the Health Service Executive offers a variety of free online courses that you can do before traveling to Ireland or as part of your pre-employment paperwork. The national site for online learning and development is called HSeLanD. 

The HSE National HR Capability and Culture function developed and maintains HSeLanD, which is based on a fully integrated Learning and Talent Management System. To support the larger Irish health and social care workforce, the HSeLanD team collaborates with hospitals, HSE divisions, and teams to create and offer high quality online learning, training, and development opportunities. As previously stated this is a free service and we recommend taking a look at what it has to offer for your benefit! 

Each and every applicant who approaches Hollilander Recruitment with inquiries about moving to Ireland in the hopes of joining the country’s healthcare system is supported with the best care we can provide. Hollilander Recruitment prides itself on the fact that we support and place credited nurses and healthcare professionals to established facilities around the country with guidance every step of the way. If this is something you are interested in please do not hesitate to contact us via email at