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Overseas Healthcare Assistants

Our first batch of Overseas healthcare assistants have arrived in Ireland and joined their Employer this week. Seeing their smiling and happy faces made our day.

Hollilander has a slightly different approach in recruiting healthcare assistants from overseas countries. Most of our candidates are registered nurses in their home country who narrowly missed the NMBI minimum English requirement. They are skilled professionals with years of experience in the healthcare sector.

Our Team manager in Ireland office does a preliminary interview of the candidates and screens candidates based on their experience, communication skills and confidence. We also guide employers regarding the Labour Market Needs Test and simultaneously arrange interviews with candidates.

If you are a respective candidate nplease contact or call 01-2040921 for more information.

If you are an employer interested in the services we provide please contact Fiona Bartlett, Recruitment Manager on or call 01-2040921 for more information.