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Managing Mental Health


Did you know that May is designated as the world’s month of mental health awareness? We at Hollilander Recruitment recognise how vital it is to stop and recognise the effect of mental health and what we can do to maintain, manage and improve it.

Although talking about our mental health has become more important in recent years, there may still be a stigma associated with mental illness. Only a small percentage of individuals in Ireland consistently take action to care for their mental health, according to a new study, and almost 50% believe more should be said about it. We will therefore talk about the importance of mental health in this dedicated blog post!

There are an infinite amount of issues that can affect your mental health. Many people now face a new reality of working from home, being unemployed temporarily and looking after others. It can be difficult for all of us to adjust to lifestyle changes like these. For those suffering from mental health related illnesses, they might be very challenging.

Fortunately, there are many things we can do to take care of our own mental health as well as that of others who might require additional care and support. 

Have a routine – It is incredibly important to maintain and manage a routine. This allows us to stick to healthy habits a lot easier and keep better at time keeping. Placing things that make you feel good into your routine can improve both your physical and mental health. 

Cut down on your screen time – Everyone is guilty of it. Spending too much time on your phone not only has a negative effect on your well-being but also on your productivity! Give yourself time allocation to enjoy your screen time in order to reduce the amount of negative effects it can have on your day. 

Connect or reconnect with friends and family! – Life is getting increasingly busy, with that we often forget to check in and catch up with others. Human interaction is incredibly important and can improve your mood drastically. It is important to remember that we often feel alone when it comes to feeling low but many people are facing the same challenges in this fast paced world. Always remember that a problem shared is a problem halved! 

Working in any environment grants the possibility for stress,although we understand the expectations that are placed on those who work in the healthcare industry. However, long-term severe pressure might cause stress. Be on the lookout if you begin to feel more agitated, worked up or depressed. Elements of pressure can keep you on your toes but It is really important to support yourself. 

There are things you can do to look after your health while at work. This not only affects your performance in work, but can impact others too! 

Give yourself space before your shift! –  You can mentally get ready for the day ahead by giving yourself some time before your shift. At the start of the day, it can be simple to drift into uneasy and pessimistic thoughts, which increases the likelihood that you’ll have a challenging day.

Take your breaks -It may seem simple to work continuously throughout the day in order to complete tasks or reduce the likelihood of interfering with any process. However, taking a break is incredibly important. Giving your body the time to decompress and refuel is vital and should be valued. 

Leave work at work – It’s crucial to leave work at work in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you have a life outside of work, and it exists for you to live. Allowing yourself to reflect on the challenging moments of the day while keeping in mind to block them out to enjoy your downtime. 

Though there are several ways to do so, it’s vital to keep in mind that not everyone will experience the same benefits from the same things. It’s crucial to determine what suits you best because doing so can make life much easier and happier for you, because you deserve it. 

Please remember that it is important to be kind to your mind and other humankind, and whenever you need to talk there is always someone there to listen.