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Employee Appreciation Day! 

Established in 1995, Employee Appreciation Day gives us a chance to recognise our employees’ contributions to the company, no matter how small or large those contributions are. While we at Hollilander Recruitment believe firmly that hard work and dedication is important, it is also vital to take a step back and give ourselves and those around us the recognition that is deserved!

A committed workforce is present at Hollilander Recruitment in both India and Ireland and we have every reason to be extremely proud of this. In our Irish office and branch office based in Kerala, India there is a dedicated team working daily to achieve both the goals of the business and the requirements of the candidates. 

Naturally, like every other organisation we have a range of different sectors within the office. While our employees are presented with different tasks, we are proud to declare that the overall objective is constant and remains the same – to guarantee the highest level of applicant and employer satisfaction.

While technology is rapidly growing within the world of business and all things communications; behind the screens our team are very much human, and are incredibly hard working! We want to recognise and give special thanks to those.

We want to acknowledge and thank our Overseas Recruitment Department for the endless hours of hard work and dedication assisting international candidates who require assistance coming to Ireland from a range of different countries. The hours of work that are placed into ensuring that each applicant’s needs are heard and that both their applications and supporting documentation are both professionally credible and immaculate. As time goes on so does the technology used to operate particular elements of this sector and it is incredibly admirable the resilience held by our team when it comes to having to overcome and adapt to these changes. Thank you! 

We want to acknowledge and thank our Agency Recruitment Department for their constant ability to ensure satisfaction amongst both our clients and candidates nationwide. Having the ability to ensure that clients from all sectors and all corners of the country have staffing solutions, either in advance or at the very last minute, in order to operate successfully and efficiently is incredibly important and we want to recognise the hard work that is placed into doing so. Thank you!

We want to acknowledge and thank our Accounts Department for the ability to manage and handle the vast amount of clients and candidates that we so proudly deal with. We understand that it is tiresome and very stressful ensuring that calculations and accounts are in perfect order. As previously mentioned, the ability to adapt to the constantly changing use of technology in certain sectors is both admirable and does not go unnoticed. Thank you! 

We want to acknowledge and thank our Marketing Department for the creation of content and ensuring internal and external marketing communications details are being kept in both efficient and respectful order. While social media marketing requires attention to detail and keeping up to date within the sectors’ trends, it is important to remember that communications spoken from the moral point of view of the organisation will never be seen as untrendy and is incredibly important. We aim to be transparent and will continue to follow that goal through all of our internal and external marketing practices and communications. Thank you! 

We want to acknowledge and thank our Overseas Study Recruitment Department for their ability to maintain a constant level of efficient communication amongst many clients from overseas and ensuring the correct information is provided in order to assist them in their relocation to study within Ireland. This can be challenging due to the vast amount of information that is required amongst a range of sectors, including from both national and international universities. We want to recognise the hard work gone into this department. Thank you!

Happy Employee Recognition Day to all of those who are reading and please remember to acknowledge your abilities and your worth. 




Hollilander Recruitment.