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Staff Nurse – Inpatient Ward

  • Full Time
  • Dublin

An outstanding employer located in County Dublin is actively seeking a Staff Nurse for the Inpatient Ward.

Recruiting nurses and healthcare assistants for nursing homes and private hospitals is the business of Hollilander Recruitment, a healthcare staffing agency. For a great firm headquartered in County Dublin, we are now employing PIN holders or DL holders.

This employer offers fantastic perks including:

  • Excellent Pay Scale – starting 32.5k to 49k depending on experience.
  • Recruitment Package
  • A weekly subsidy towards accommodation costs in Dublin.
  • 26 annual leave days a year.


Fully paid:

  • Atypical letter of approval – €250
  • Critical Skills Permit – €1000
  • RCSI Test – €2500

Please note qualifications/experience required:

  • Have the right to work in Ireland (only essential for non-EU candidates)
  • Candidates coming from overseas are required to hold the score of 7 and above across all four bands in their OET/IELTS, this is essential.
  • Willing to relocate to Dublin is essential.
  • Experience working in orthopaedic experience is preferred but not essential.
  • 2 years minimum post registration is required.

Candidates must ideally:

  • Have managed patient care ensuring the highest professional standards using an evidence based and care planning approach.
  • Be computer literate.
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills and proven written and verbal communication abilities.
  • Have the ability to work on own initiative, prioritise and manage a number of issues simultaneously and demonstrate attention to detail.
  • Be able to identify potential difficulties and formulate solutions.
  • Be free from any defect or disease which would render him/her unsuitable to hold office and be in a state of health as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.
  • Be of good character.

The Staff Nurse reports to and is accountable to the Clinical Nurse Manager 2 (Inpatient Ward) and Director of Nursing in all matters relating to the job.

Outline of Duties and Responsibilities:

The Staff Nurse is responsible for providing, maintaining and developing patient centred care to a high standard. This is achieved through effective organisation of nursing services and the overall administration of the unit.

The Staff Nurse will be required to possess a clear understanding and commitment to the ethos and philosophy of the organisation.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Role Purpose

  • To participate in the delivery of care within the organisation.
  • To liaise with nursing staff to ensure adequate provision of cover when required.
  • To ensure that standards of patient care are consistently maintained at all times in accordance with agreed operational policies as a skilled member of the In –Patient Ward nursing team.
  • To promote and safeguard the well being and interests of all patients, employees and visitors

General Accountability:

  • Maintain throughout the organisation an awareness of the primacy of the patient in relation to all clinic activities.
  • Create and promote healthy working relationships.
  • Demonstrate behaviour consistent with the values of the organisation.
  • The person chosen will be accountable for the nursing service provided to patients in pre-operative and post-operative areas. This includes making provisions for the best possible standard of nursing care of patients at all times.
  • Assessment of patient care needs.
  • Communicate with relatives and visitors of patients as required.
  • Setting and monitoring standards.
  • Actively participate in the Clinic’s Accreditation programme and the ethos of Continuous Quality Improvement and implement and maintain procedures on the Inpatient Ward.
  • Keep the Clinical Nurse Manager and the Director of Nursing apprised of all issues as required.

Professional responsibilities:

  • As a nurse practitioner you must practice within the Code of Practice, Rules and Guidelines set out by An Bord Altranais and comply with Policies and Procedures of the organisation.
  • Ensure each patient is treated as an individual, and that his/her needs are attended to and their physical, psychological and religious well being is respected.
  • Give direct patient care in selected patient situations and serve as a behavioural model for excellence in practice.
  • Set standards of Nursing Practice. Communicate these standards to the Nursing Personnel; audit and change standards as necessary.
  • Liaise effectively with all members of the multi-disciplinary team to ensure that care delivery is patient focused and of the highest standard.
  • Ensure that a professional standard of behaviour is maintained by all nursing team members.
  • Facilitate effective communication with patients, relatives and multidisciplinary team as necessary.
  • Adherence to departmental patient identification policy at all times.
  • Provide a high standard of safe practice for patient care.
  • Anticipate and be aware of needs of the multidisciplinary team during anaesthetic and the pre and post-operative process.
  • Preserve the dignity and rights of the patients at all times Document and record accurately all details of nursing care delivered in the pre and post-operative period.
  • Ensure patient confidentiality is respected and maintained at all times.
  • Ensure nursing care is based on the latest research findings and constitutes best practice.
  • Demonstrate initiative and be receptive to new ideas and development.

Working Environment:

  • Moderate to extreme physical effort may be required such as, standing and lifting equipment, manoeuvring patient beds, and patients.
  • Occasional lifting may be heavy and awkward.
  • Shift work is required.
  • Alertness and careful attention to detail will be required to avoid injury.
  • May be exposed to disoriented or combative patients.

Management Responsibilities:

  • To support and supervise care assistants and other support staff in carrying out their allocated clinical duties to the required standard.
  • To ensure that all staff practice nursing within the code set for the profession by An Bord Altranais.
  • To ensure that there is effective communication with the Clinical Nurse Managers, Nursing Administration, patients and relatives.
  • To ensure that a professional standard of behaviour is maintained at all times.
  • Take charge of the ward in the absence of the CNM 2 or CNM 1.
  • At all times support the leadership of the Director of Nursing and Clinical Nurse Manager.

Education and Teaching Responsibilities:

  • To promote good relationships with other key members of the clinic staff through the exercising of attitudes which convey an understanding and awareness of the wider function of the organisation.
  • To adhere to organisation’s policies in respect of grievance / disciplinary matters and health and safety.
  • Provide appropriate and timely education and information to the patient, their family and be an advocate for the individual patient and for their family.
  • Maintain appropriate and accurate Nursing records regarding patient care in accordance with national /professional guidelines.
  • To participate in clinical audit projects to provide continued improvement to quality of patient care.
  • To exercise the An Bord Altranais code of conduct.
  • To be aware of the need to keep abreast of clinical and professional developments by showing evidence of continuing professional development.
  • To assist the Clinical Nurse Manager in delivering formal and informal teaching of all nursing staff including care assistants.
  • To act as mentor to junior staff ensuring that their learning objectives are met and that they receive adequate supervision at all times.
  • To participate as requested in the induction and guidance of new staff to the organisation.
  • To participate in teaching nursing procedures to post graduate student nurses.
  • To instruct and supervise junior nursing staff to enable them to attain their potential and assume responsibility for delegated duties.
  • To be alert to the learning needs of staff and to the many opportunities for teaching in order to promote continued education.
  • To attend and participate in in-service programmes when appropriate.
  • To keep up to date with current developments in nursing practice and education.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • To report any faulty mechanical equipment to the Clinical Nurse Manager.
  • To deal with incidents and accidents in accordance with organisation’s policy and to accurately record and report detail.
  • To communicate with theatre/recovery and other departments to ensure continuity of patient care and safe transfer of patients.
  • To keep informed of all relevant policies including Health and Safety Policy to ensure maintenance of a safe working environment.
  • To maintain safe custody of controlled drugs according to the organisation’s policy.
  • To consult with other nursing teams to ensure efficient and effective service.
  • To act as a full member of the Nursing Team in the clinical area.
  • To positively participate in Change Management and Development.
  • To attend meetings and sit on committees as required.
  • To use knowledge, judgement and experience to develop ways of coping with crisis situations i.e. patient and staff.
  • To observe and uphold daily cleaning standards in the department and to report any inadequacies to the Clinical Nurse Manager and/or Director of Nursing.
  • To promote, nurture and maintain a high level of staff morale hence promoting team spirit and job satisfaction among nursing, and other staff within the ward.
  • To actively contribute to the process of clinical risk management.

Self Development Responsibilities:

  • To maintain a personal record of professional development.
  • Act as a role model.
  • To keep an up-to-date record of on-going education.
  • To keep up to date with current developments in nursing practice and education.
  • To ensure that development is research based.
  • To ensure adherence to clinic policies and An Bord Altranais guidelines.
  • To assist the Clinical Nurse Manager 1 in maintaining a level of excellence in patient care by maintaining standards and supporting the overall management of the Department.

Conditions of Employment:

  • Act at all times in accordance with An Bord Altranais [1998] Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Annual Leave Entitlement: 24 – 26 days per annum pro- rata depending on grade (for full-time staff).
  • Annual leave is calculated January to December of each year.
  • Sick Leave Regulations: Please refer to the Sports Surgery Clinic Staff Handbook which shall be given to new appointees on taking up duty.
  • A minimum of two month’s notice of termination of employment is required. Notice of termination of employment must be received in writing.
  • Uniform Policy must be adhered to at all times.

Please note the following:

  • Fire orders must be observed and staff must attend fire lectures periodically.
  • All accidents within the department must be reported immediately.
  • In line with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act (1989 & 2005), smoking within the Clinic building is not permitted.


In the course of your employment you may have access to, or hear information concerning the medical or personal affairs of patients, students, staff and / or other health service business.

Such records and information are strictly confidential and, unless acting on the instruction of an authorised officer, such information must not be divulged or discussed except in the performance of normal duty. In addition records must never be left in such a manner that unauthorised persons can obtain access to them and must be kept in safe custody when no longer required.

Please Note:

The extent and speed of change in the delivery of health care is such that adaptability is essential at this level of management. The incumbent will be required to maintain and enhance their knowledge, skills and aptitudes necessary to respond to a changing situation.

Job Type: Full-time